Savings by the hour

Get infrastructure as a managed service

Inertech can structure a solution to fit the specific needs of data center owners, and provide cooling and electrical infrastructure as an OPEX model that, in most cases, is more than offset by the electrical and maintenance savings. This translates to lower OPEX now and no more CAPEX in the future.

The largest data center expense for most companies is for infrastructure they don’t actually use. Inertech has developed the first infrastructure platform that can be deployed and reconfigured as needed, to match actual IT loads. As a result, we can typically fund the deployment of this new technology completely from the savings that would normally go toward wasted infrastructure. And Conductive Cooling removes the density cap caused by fixed cooling systems, which frees up stranded space and electrical infrastructure. In most facilities, you’ll gain 60% more IT capacity with no new construction.

Enterprise customers
We can cut the cost per kWh for providing reliable power and cooling to a server by more then 50% on a typical enterprise data center. If you have a data center portfolio, see how Inertech can lower the risk and increase the savings of consolidations.

Cloud providers
We can provide a “use based” platform and associated pricing model for infrastructure that matches the dynamic business model of growing Cloud Providers.

Co-location providers
We can help large Colocation providers adapt infrastructure to address a changing marketplace.

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Cut OPEX in half…

This includes cooling system equipment, maintenance, and electricity, based on local electricity rates of 10¢/kWh and industry average data center expenses.


…and increase capacity 60%

Conductive Cooling releases stranded electrical and space capacity, giving your data centers plenty of room to grow.