A better way

In 2009, a group of engineers, scientists, and builders came together to invent a better way to do technology infrastructure. Something faster, more reliable, and radically more efficient.

The group’s first task was to imagine a platform that could embrace real-world change. The conventional “design-build-amortize” paradigm has left infrastructure technology decades behind realities of the rapidly-evolving IT stack. So the team sketched out a platform made up of functional modules, decoupled from the building envelope, that could be deployed and reconfigured as needed.

The shift from fixed to flexible technology was conceptually similar to “virtualization” in servers, but for infrastructure the necessary underlying technologies did not exist. So the team set out to develop and productize technologies that would allow infrastructure to respond to dynamic IT loads.

It became clear that cooling was the main culprit behind the skyrocketing costs and environmental footprint of data centers. It also became clear that super-cooled air and water—the lifeblood of the cooling industry, and the core of almost every system on the market—are inherently inefficient and prone to failure.

In 2010, Inertech developed an ultra-efficient, ultra-reliable new “conductive” cooling technology, which was among the first patents approved under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act fast-track program for green innovations.

Inertech is still led by its original founders, and is now a thriving technology and innovation company in the infrastructure space. It is home to a growing team of engineers, scientists, and builders that is determined to have a positive environmental impact while helping companies save money.

Our solutions are engineered to increase reliability and lower the total cost of ownership and energy footprint of IT infrastructure.

The Aligned family

Aligned Energy is a family of companies focused on transforming IT infrastructure. It’s an industry that’s ripe for disruption: low innovation, high expense, mostly waste. We can do it better. We’re developing an end-to-end suite of solutions and services to enable sustainable IT and bottom line savings.